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Selling your property with you are free from unnecessary hassle.


What you will be getting from us:

  • Experience on the local and international market
  • We do have database of potential buyers
  • Your property will be promoted not only on the local market but as well on the nationwide and international markets (Madrid, Valencia, United Kingdom and Poland)
  • We will be looking after you throughout the whole process
  •  Professional team that will be constantly looking for customers for your villa



What we expect from you:

Before we can list your property we need to know answer to few points as below.

Villa Espana Standard. We can not list property in very bad condition. If you have a property that needs total renovation, we can help you with renovation to bring it up to standard that we can list it for sale.

Images. We will need to visit a location to take professional images of the property in order to list it on i

Honesty and valuation- based on our experience we can advise if the price is just right