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First Contact
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You have a vision. Regardless if you are planning to buy your holiday house or simply invest money in Costa Blanca, you have a dream you want to pursue. Our main goal it to do everything in our power to help you fulfill this dream. This is why it is vital that we get to know you  and get to know your expectations. This is a starting point before any property purchase.

Getting to Know You
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If you already know what you are looking for we are ready start looking for property for yourself. Not only among the properties we have listed in our office but also  among all the agencies we work with. This will allow you to concentrate on choosing the right property for you without running around from one agency to another and explaining everywhere your expectations and what you are looking for. You will save a lot of energy and your precious time that you can use on something else like playing tennis or sunbathing.

The Proposal
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First of all we search in our database for the right property, our database is connected to our partners operating in Costa Blanca. This is the way we search for the best property for you among hundreds of properties for sale. We will present you with all the opportunities we think will fit within your criteria. Then we start scrutinizing them one by one following conversations with you in order to reach several properties that we think  you would love and would like to see.

Bearing in mind our experience and over 30 years experience of our partner we are convinced we will be able to fulfill your expectations and offer you the gems of Costa Blanca.

The Villa Espana Commitment
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When you are ready to become happy owner of the property on the beautiful and sunny coast we will assist you to the very end of the process.  We can help you organize the whole process step by step from from finding the dream villa to organizing notary public to compleate and exchange. We would like all the steps to be clear and if they are any questions we will ask them and answer them to make sure all is in order.

Your Partners for Life
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 For as long as you are here in Spain we are able to help you not only during the process of buying or selling your property. We can also offer you guidance on local schools (if you are thinking of moving here with young family) as we have gone through the process ourselves. We can suggest great restaurants from local tapas bars to great steakhouses. We can help you with local sightseeing recommendations and also with organizing necessary paperwork for new residents of this beautiful corner of Spain.

Our partner is well respected estate agent from Moraira, with 30 years experience in construction, renovating and selling property in Costa Blanca. have successfully build and sold hundreds of villas over the years gaining trust and fantastic contacts with local authorities and local professionals.

If you already own property here and you are thinking of renting it out please also let us know we can help you with this.

In Villa-Espana we believe in long distance relationship. We know earning your trust is vital and will take long time but we patient are ready to wait.