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Construction in Spain not have to be a very complicated and daunting task, they are at least 4 major kinds of constructions we can isolate.


Option 1

You are not in the rush, you know what you want and where you want.

 This option starting from purchase of a plot up to completion should take you around 18-24months. will assist you all the way, from choosing a notary public to helping you to choose construction company in Costa Blanca.




Option 2

You are not in the rush, but you do not have or do not want to commit your time to organizing building licence, architects etc , etc.

 In this case we would advise you to purchase a plot of land with building contract in place. No hassle and you should be able to move in within 11-12 months.




Option 3

You bought a villa below market value but in need of renovation.

 If you bought or you have opportunity to buy property well below the market value, property in great location or with great potential but it is in need of major renovation we can also help. together with Jetvillas we can prepare a visualisation and estimate of costs to show you what it can look like and how much it will cost to bring it up to standard you require. With this information you will have an idea of overall costs and timescale of your potential project.



Option 4

You have bought a property with few small jobs

 This is the most common situation we come across. You have bought a property that is perfectly fine but you need to make a few small changes to make it “your own”.

In our portfolio of building contractors we only have companies that we have check and they never failed our expectations. They will be able to prepare the estimate and advise on the timescale of the project.